Building Virtual Worlds

About Building Virtual Worlds

Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) is a rapid prototyping course that challenges students to design, develop, and iterate 5 immersive experiences within 1-2 weeks of time for each of them. 

Students are encouraged to work with interdisciplinary teams to experiment with different combinations of hardware including Oculus Quest 2, Vive Trackers, Valve Index, Icaros Fly Chair, Jam-O-Drum etc.

 Pioneered by ETC co-founder Randy Pausch, BVW challenges students to work quickly, creatively and collaboratively. It all culminates in a public festival to hundreds of spectators – and an incredible sense of accomplishment. In fact, many BVW ideas go on to become full-time research projects, student spin-offs and commercial successes. 

Round 1 - Ourself

Game Title: Ourself


Your friend asked you over to her place begging for a favor. She has been seeing things lately and it can't be described in words. Your friend then offers you the key item to see different realms and you have to protect her from whatever is threating her.

A virtual reality game that involves first-person view item interaction, fighting off creatures and finding puzzle pieces. 

Tools: Unity3D, Oculus Integration, VR development

Round 2 - Moving Out

Game Title: Moving Out

Description: Your girlfriend asked you to help her move objects from her apartment to a nearby truck. 

A virtual reality game that involves Oculus passthrough and MRTK, interact with objects with hand gestures and feel like you are moving objects in real life.

Tools: Unity3D, Oculus Integration, Microsoft Reality Tool Kit(MRTK)

Round 3 - Hotdog Party

Game Title(): Hotdog Party

Description: Slides along down your hotdog restaurant while unsauced hotdogs appear on the way, your mission is to mustard the hotdogs while not breaking too much condiment containers along the journey.

A multiplayer coop experience game while one player controls the 3D Rudder to steer the character in the correct path while the other player uses two Vive Trackers to squeeze mustard onto the on-coming hotdogs.

Tools: Unity3D, Vive Tracker, 3D Rudder

Round 4 - The Light of San Clemente

Game Title: The Light of San Clemete

Description: You, just woke up back into reality while you were steering a lightboat towards a mysterious light in the sky. The captain sounded obsessed with the light and commands you to reach it no matter what. During the journey, a catastrophic event struck the ship like a wave. Flashback memories blew before you head and sank. The next think you know you're back in the bridge, taking the captains command steering towards the light. What is this reoccurring reality?

Tools: Unity3D, Vive Tracker, CAVERN

Round 5 - Dinner In Hell

Game Title: Dinner in Hell

Description: Dragging your hungry body that's been craving for food for hours into a mysterious restaurant. The food here seems so good and deelivous you want to eat them all. However your friends possess the same thoughts as you do. How would you compete to get the food you desire?

A multiplayer competitive spin, match and smash game utilizing the Jam-O-Drum. Each player must match the food that they want and smash the drum in front of them in order to eat it. Keep an eye out for power-ups and traps!

Tools: Unity3D, Jam-O-Drum