XR Projects

Mixed Reality Deckdown

Title: Mixed Reality Deckdown


Building a multiuser mixed reality experience using shared spatial anchors, passthrough, hand tracking and colocation technology on the Meta Quest 3.

We're using Photon Fusion as our network engine, and creating an experience in which two players can see their virtual identities within the same physical room space.  

I'm also designing a procedural generation algorithm to utilize Meta's scene API to generate room decors in the proper location of the room space. 


Augmented Reality Drone

Title: AR Drone (Augmented Reality Drone)


Spearheading integration of augmented reality and autonomous drone applications using C# to create a unique user experience from a drone's camera perspective. 

We want to leverage Vuforia on iOS to merge virtual and physical elements to enhance visual interactions. Along with incorporating geospatial data for camera observation to enable strategic real-time object spawning and tracking. 



Title: C.A.V.E.R.N. (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment RouNd)


The C.A.V.E.R.N. is a projection system, featuring a 270-degree circular screen and a 20-foot-wide play area that enables Omni-directional Stereoscopy.

We're creatied a 3-5 minute multiplayer interactive experience using Unreal Engine 5 utilizing the C.A.V.E.R.N.

For more details, please feel free to check out the link below or click on the image.